TU/e Contest 2018

This year we compete in the TU/e contest! This is a platform created by the Eindhoven University of Technology in collaboration with TU/e innovation Space and Soapbox to pitch innovative ideas or prototypes and give these ideas a kickstart.

As team Chairgonomics we think this is a great opportunity to broaden our network. On this page we plan on keeping you updated about our experiences during the TU/e contest!


TU/e Contest Finale

[May 23, 2018]

The TU/e contest is finally over! What a blast! 
We would like to congratulate all the winners with their prizes and we wish them best luck achieving their goals!

A lot of people experienced the full potential of our prototype and we saw a lot of smiles on their faces 
We are planning to further develop the prototype and to create a successful product, so more news will follow!


TU/e Contest Top 20!

[May 4, 2018]

Yesterday we got the long-awaited phone call of the TU/e contest. We can now gladly say that we are in the TOP 20! We would like to thank everyone who has supported us during the contest, without you all we could not have achieved this result!

However, the contest is not yet over. May 22th the final event will take place in the Blauwe Zaal of the Auditorium on the TU/e campus. You are all invited to come to this event to support us! Register quickly on www.tuecontest.nl/finale and we hope to see you then!

Workshop KPN city of the future

[May 3, 2018]

On the fourth of march KPN organized a workshop in collaboration with the TU/e contest. During this workshop we got another look at the beachhead customer base, USP and how to validate this. We used this chance to get a more detailed look at our own beachhead customer base and to make a split between our business customer and regular consumer. By combining the list of our USP’s and our beachhead customers that we decided on, we could validate if we would satisfy our customers needs. After that we tried to work out some more ways to validate our assumptions about our customer base, and our USP’s.

Patentmatch & workshop business model canvas

[Apr 14, 2018]

Last Wednesday was busy but definitely enjoyable! In the afternoon we attended the Patnentmatch on the TU/e where we talked to some very interesting companies who saw the potential of our product and were willing to provide us with some contacts that will most definitely help us in the near future. Furthermore we attended two interesting workshops on product creation and branding and on the know-how of patenting ideas. 

In the evening we enjoyed the free pizzas during the second workshop of HighTechXL. We got a great workshop about the lean canvas and the business model canvas. We learned some interesting things giving us a critical view on our business proposition. We will finetune our business proposition to get the most out of it!

Company speed dates

[Apr 3, 2018]

On the third of April, Chairgonomics participated in the company speed dates. During these speed dates we have pitched our idea several times within 1 minute. With our prototype we got a lot of enthusiasm of the companies! We would like to thank Medtronics, Stork, VDL, Océ, Holst Centre and ACE for all the valuable input and we hope to collaborate more often with them in the future! After the speed dates we were enjoying the event so much that we started pitching our idea to other participants of the TU/e contest, which was very interesting and enjoyable. During the drinks we also had an interesting conversation with Sogeti that related to our software integration, which surprisingly gave us some valuable insights that we have to consider. Conclusively we enjoyed it a lot and we will use all the feedback to make our product better!

Workshop value proposition

[Mar 28, 2018]

The TU/e contest organised in collaboration with HighTechXL a very interesting workshop on value proposition. The workshop was a real eyeopener in some aspects and gave us lots of things to consider. During the workshop we had several interesting discussions and the occasional roleplaying was really enjoyable. We are very eager for the next workshop on April 11.

Results of the voting round

[Mar 22, 2018]

From the 13th of March till the 19th of March it was possible to vote on Chairgonomics for the TU/e Contest. First of all we would like to thank everyone who voted! The results are now available and we were able to gather 84 votes, which has resulted into a 4th place in the prototyping category us. This also means that we are in the top 40! We could have done better by having a broader network, but as a start-up which had only been existing for 3 months then. We’ve done pretty well, so again we would like to thank everyone for voting!

Thanks for the votes!

|Mar 21, 2018|

We would like to thank you all for voting for team Chairgonomics in the TU/e Contest! The time to vote is over and we hope we reached the top 40 and could continue in the contest. We will keep you updated.

Time to vote!

|Mar 12, 2018|

This week the registration is closed, and as team Chairgonomics we now hope to accumulate enough votes to be part of the top 40 projects and continue our journey in the TU/e Contest. This will give the opportunity to follow various workshops, face to face encounters, receive feedback, and learn from specialists in an informal setting.

Go to the TU/e contest page and check our submission out!


|Feb 30, 2018|

We compete in the TU/e contest prototyping category, our submission is already live on the TU/e contest website. Next to this the companies Medtronic, V.O. Patents & Trademarks, ACE and the TU/e Innovation Space help to coach the idea of Chairgonomics.