About Our Team


Jules Hilkens

Purchases & Finances

With the awareness that back problems due to a wrong sitting posture are becoming a bigger problem, I want Chairgonomics to succeed.  After doing some small projects in high school and at the university,  I am now ready to use this gained knowledge for Chairgonomics.

Floris Bruinsma

Systems Engineer

With the knowledge about electronics and software I have gained during my studies and personal experiences, I wanted to help improve the world with Chairgonomics.

Bart van Erp

Public Relations

By applying skills learned during the past years to create, develop and improve our idea, we will learn a lot of valuable skills for now and for the future. With the drive to create something spectacular, this project will most definitely flourish.


Raoul Melaet

Product manager

With the experience gained through university and  work related projects. With Chairgonomics I hope to make more people aware of their sitting posture through an interactive product.